Here you can find various useful information on knock, combustion and Project Participants.

Knocky Project – short outline  Knocky_Outline  Knocky_Outline

  1. Presentation on Combustion Knock Metrics On knock metrics
  2. Possibility of Use a Waste Product of Biofuels Production-Glycerol as a Fuel to the Compression Ignition Engine Kones 2016
  3. The combustion properties analysis of various liquid fuels based on crude oil and renewables   Konmot 2016
  4. Advanced Power Systems – MichiganTech MTU.APS LABS
  5. Rate of Heat Release and Flame Speed in Premixed Charge Combustion    RoHR and Flame Speed
  6. Influence of gas inlet angle on the mixing process in a Venturi mixer  Influence of gas inlet
  7. Numerical analysis for optimal localization of gas inlet in a venture mixer  Numerical Analysis
  8. The Miller cycle based IC engine fuelled a CNG/hydrogen Paper at Open Access
  9. Dual Nature of Hydrogen Combustion Knock Paper in IJHE
  10. Numerical modeling SI in ICE  Numerical modeling SI in ICE
  11. Presentation on Project Knocky at KRAB Meeting (Warsaw 2016)  KRAB
  12. Report on Combustion and Knock Models  REPORT – Knock models
  13. Our presentations in 37th International Symposium on Combustion, Dublin 2018
    1. Spark_discharge_visualisation
    2. Spark_discharge_modeling
    3. CFD_simulation_of_self-ignition_limit
    4. Assessment_of_detailed_chemical_kinetic_mechanisms